Sep 22, 2017
Braces-Approved Butterfinger Protein Shake
This yummy Butterfinger Protein Shake is sure to quench that sweet tooth craving without putting your braces in danger of breaking!
Sep 18, 2017
From Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry...
If you want to avoid having white spots on your teeth after your braces are removed, be sure to maintain excellent dental hygiene while your braces are on.
Sep 15, 2017
From Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry...
Thanks to the advances in wire technology, the time it takes to complete orthodontic treatments is nearly half of what it used to be a few decades ago.
Sep 13, 2017
Your Mouth Matters
Check out this link for a ton of fun dental facts you probably never knew before!
Sep 11, 2017
From Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry...
Unlike humans (who have taste buds on their tongues), their taste receptors are on the soles of their feet.
Sep 8, 2017
From Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry...
Imagine if your teeth could be replaced with brand new ones every 8 days! This is what life in the mouth of a shark is like. Even more impressive is that most sharks have hundreds if not thousands of teeth which they replace on a regular basis.
Sep 6, 2017
From Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry...
If you have an episode of flu, cold or other viral infections, be sure to replace your toothbrush. Otherwise, bacteria will implant themselves on the bristles and possibly lead to re-infection.
Sep 4, 2017
From Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry...
We’re not throwing shade, but we’re the best in the biz at brightening up a smile. From a set of veneers to a simple teeth cleaning, there are plenty of ways to give your grin an upgrade.
Sep 2, 2017
Locker Clocker Contest
Locker Clocker Contest starts today! The winner wins 50 points. Participants earn 2 points. Log in to your Hub to participate! Good luck! #opdsf
Sep 1, 2017
The Tooth-Friendly Diet
Dental professionals are increasingly concerned about acidic foods and drinks that can damage tooth enamel when consumed frequently or when sipped over extended periods of time. Instead of citrus fruit, try bananas, mangos, or melons. Instead of soft drinks and sports drinks, try milk or water. And instead of salad dressing and BBQ sauce, try meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, or pasta.